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start your journey and apply 

to start your career as a model, photographer or stylist it is very important to find the right agency for you. look the agency up on the internet and take your time with your application. the same thing does the agency with you, we look at your social media and other references on the internet. so you should keep your socials updated and free from  inappropriate content. 

for model it doesn't take more than two photos of yourself and your measurements to apply at most agencies. 

photographers and stylist can send us their portfolio link through mail on tell us something about you and where you're from.

after you send us your application, it can last up to 2 weeks until you get a response from us. please wait, we want to look precisely  through all application we receive. We will write (or call) you to tell you if you got excepted or not. please check your inbox for further questions from us (expecially artists).

start here

I  basics


II  measurements

other agencies:

III  polaroids

waist up portrait
full body
close up portrait (optional)
profile (optional)

Thank you!




waist up portrait


full length




close up

polaroids, short "polas" are your application pictures.

they don't have do be professional.

Important for taking polas:

  • portrait and full body pictures

  • be natural (almost no/or no makeup at all and no styling)

  • simple, white background

  • natural light ( best: you go outside)

  • clothes: skinny jeans and black or white shirt or black bikini

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