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About Us

At Journals4U , we are dedicated to creating beautiful organizational, planning and educational tools for your life while making the process easier for you! 

The team covers several specialists of different branches (artists, fitness trainers, coaches, marketing experts...)

Our goal at Journals4U is to help you take control of your day and ultimately free up time for the the things you love. Of course we have also tool for this. We hope these books help achieve your goals and live a more positive, productive and enjoyable life.

Never stop to become a better version of yourself!

about us
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for Brands and Artists

Do you want...

... create your own book with your artwork on it? 

... make money with books?

... need a specific content for your brand?

Our partner program brings artists together to work on their own books, without having to focus on all the publishing*, just on the art. (*we are no publishing company) All the Artists are able to produce content for brands for e.g. you are a fitness coach and you want a tracker for your clients? No problem, we got you. Want a planner for your company? Again, no problem! We design and publish it for you. 

For detail information please send us a mail.


for Influencer

Do you want...

... Free products up to every month? 

... Running giveaways for your community ?

... getting tools for content creation?

Our influencer program is designed to support creators, so they can share all the news with their followers. 

Just send us an email with your Name, an Introduction , Link to all socials (Instagram, TikTok, YouTube, Blog..) and the Style of content you are able to produce. 

After we looked over your application with the team, we will send you more information.



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Thank you for your message! We will answer as soon as possible.

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